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Juding and Jiangsu Shengxin Micro established a joint venture to attack the overvoltage protection component market

The protection component factory Juding (6224-TW) stated that its subsidiary Kunshan Juda Electronics and Jiangsu Shengxin Microelectronics signed a joint venture contract to set up Suzhou Juda Shengxin Microelectronics, which mainly produces overvoltage protection components, and the capital of the new company For 35 million yuan (about NT $ 175 million), Kunshan Juda Electronics holds 71.9%, and Jiangsu Shengxin Microelectronics holds 28.1%.

Juding entered the field of overvoltage protection components from the third quarter of last year. It hopes to provide customers with integrated services in overcurrent and overvoltage protection components in combination with its competitive advantages in overcurrent protection components.

Juding's consolidated revenue for the first 11 months of this year was 1.535 billion yuan, an annual growth rate of 3.7%. The net profit after tax for the first three quarters of this year was 361 million yuan, with an annual growth rate of 20%. The net profit after tax for each share was 4.51 yuan, which was a substantial increase from the 3.77 yuan in the same period last year.


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