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Altera launches Arria V FPGAs to meet user design needs

Altera Corporation has announced the availability of its 28-nm Arria® V FPGAs. Arria V devices are the lowest-end mid-range FPGAs on the market today that support 10.3125-Gbps transceiver technology. With the series' innovative features, designers can customize the low-power, broadband and low-cost requirements of next-generation systems in markets such as wireless and broadcast. Arria V devices are another 28-nm family of products released after the company released Stratix® V series products in the first half of the year, demonstrating Altera's commitment to delivering devices that meet users' various design needs. The Arria V series was developed using TSMC's 28-nm low power (28LP) process. Among all mid-range FPGA families, it has the lowest total power consumption, the lowest static power consumption, and the lowest transceiver power consumption. , Power consumption can be reduced to 40%. In its class of FPGAs, this series reduces static power consumption by 50% and transceiver power consumption by 50%. By leveraging Altera's proven and proven transceiver technology and sixth-generation transceiver IP, this family is optimized to consume only 100 mW at 10.3125-Gbps data rates.

CommScope Corporation and other global leaders in communications network infrastructure solutions also use Altera devices to achieve a balance between high performance and low power consumption in next-generation 4G wireless networks.

CommScope engineering researcher Carmine Pagano commented,After a comprehensive evaluation of multiple solutions, we selected Altera's Arria V FPGAs for the upcoming remote RF front-end and active antenna systems because these are very price sensitive markets. The device not only meets our needs for high performance and low power consumption, but also achieves maximum value. The Arria V device we receive will help us realize 4G wireless infrastructure products, which have larger bandwidth, higher efficiency, better cost performance, Our customers are able to achieve optimal wireless coverage and provide high-quality services while reducing total investment and operating expenses.

Patrick Dorsey, senior director of product marketing at Altera, commented,Arria V architecture, IP, and development tools combined with TSMC's 28LP process enable our users to achieve a good balance in cost, power, and performance. We are customizing this series We have increased our investment to meet the unique needs of wireless and broadband applications, and ensure that users achieve the best performance per watt in their applications.


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