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Intel is not afraid of AMD catching up, it is expected to launch 7-nanometer process in 2021

AMD ’s Ryzen-based CPUs have finally reached their goal of catching up to rival Intel after the Zen2-based products of the 7-nanometer process launched in 2019. Because it has advantages not only in process and performance, but also in market share, which has been rare in the past. However, Intel does not seem to care much about the aggressiveness of competitors, because Intel believes that the decline in market share is only caused by their previous insufficient production capacity, and Intel is actively improving the problem.

According to foreign media reports, Intel's Chief Financial Officer George Davis recently stated in public that the main reason for the decline in Intel's CPU market share is related to themselves. The reason is that it is due to insufficient production capacity, especially at the entry level with fewer cores In the market, Intel responds to insufficient capacity by giving priority to ensuring the supply of high-end products, making the entry-level CPU market the most in short supply.

George Davis further pointed out that Intel will solve the problem of insufficient production capacity in 2020 and regain the market share of entry-level CPUs that it had previously lost. According to Intel's previous plans, their production capacity is expected to increase by 25% in 2020, especially the tight 14-nanometer process. As for the competition in the CPU market, George Davis also stated that Intel does not have much competitive pressure, because Intel has formed sufficient consumer loyalty over the years, and stability is not easy to shake.

In addition, even if the CPU performance is not as good as competitors' products, George Davis also pointed out that this also takes into account the advantages of the entire platform, such as support for a specific memory or a special instruction set. In addition, in the future process technology development, in addition to the current 10-nanometer production capacity is accelerating, Intel will also restore the key part of the process technology leadership in the future development of more advanced processes, Intel is expected to launch in 2021 7 Nano process technology. Compared with the previous advanced process, 7nm will not only be an upgrade of process technology, but also the key to maintaining the same competitive advantage with competitors in terms of processor performance, and it will also be the basis for the development of 5nm processes in the future.


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